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Chip Tuning - Πληροφορίες

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For our foreign guests: Welcome - Chip tuning

Welcome to our pages - we are specialized in car chip tuning mostly for European brands.
Our work area is at Greece and Cyprus so most of the pages in our site remains at greek language (except this one!). We are open to any proposals or new products and services you have to sugest us, so please contact us by phone at +30 6972 856622 Mr. Konstantinos (in English or German language) or drop us a line at

  • CHIP TUNING - ECU Remapping

What is ecu-remapping?

Ecu remapping generally is reprogramming the „brain“ of the car for better performance.
As professionals we have to consider many different conditions and factors like temperature, air pressure, fuel quality (not every country has high octane fuel), the programming of the ecu software often is a compromise between performance and street legality in all countries. Also the software is made to make the car run even under “unreal” conditions, that normally will never occur in your areas.

These factors still leave the possibility to optimize the factory setup. And this is what we are specialized in. We can help you to make impressive performance gains without influencing your cars reliability.

CHIP TUNING - Programming ways

For doing this improvement, the ECU of your car need to be reprogrammed / modified.
There are different ways to do this: - direct programming of the chip (eprom) in the ECU The eprom must be desoldered from the circuit board.
Then it will be erased and reprogrammed with the modified and optimized data.

For some older cars, the eprom can not be erased and has to be replaced with a new one. - OBD-programming
Many new cars offer the possibility to read and write the complete ECU data via the diagnosis connector of the car.

The advantage of this method is that the ECU can stay inside the car and needs not to be opened. - serial programming The ECU must be removed from the car and is programmed by special spring contacts without soldering on the circuit board.

This method is used for example if a car has no connection from the OBD connector to the ECU or for very new ECU versions. Which way of programming is used, depends on manufacturer, model, year and the ECU type in the car. Generally we use the “easiest” way of programming. So if a car can be programmed by the OBD port, we will do it this way. As we still keep on investing in the latest programming tools and software, you can be sure you get the best results from our work.

Tuningfiles, ECU-Maps and Modification of ECU Data

Programming tools are important for a successful start in the chiptuning and ECU programming business but they are absolutely worthless if you have no files to use them with. Any programming tool, no matter what it offers, is only giving you the possibility to read and write the ECU of a car.
The tuning itself is done by the files that you program to the ECU. These files separate the good tuners from the amateurs.

We offer you only the best files from the best tuners on the market. Do not take files from amateurs that do not know the details to take care of. Your custumers have to be satisfied - not only for a few weeks but for the complete life of their cars! Bad tuning files can cause severe damage on a car. Our files are developed by real professionals and tested on a dyno, so you can be sure your customer will be fully satisfied with the quality you offer.

The files we provide you with are also certified by German TUV, which is the most difficult certification to get for it! Special customer wishes are also no problem. Let us know what your customer wants and we will modify it to your needs. We also offer so called Eco-Tuning files.

This “Economy-Tuning” is a strong growing market, especially for tuning diesel engines. These files are slightly different from “normal” tuning files. Their setup is focused on increasing the torque, so you can drive with much lower engine revs at the same torque level.

This results in a lower fuel consumption. More and more customers ask for this new kind of tuning, so be ahead of your competitors and be among the first who offer it! We can supply you with any file for any car. If you do not have it, we get it for you! That means you email us the file you want to have modified and get it back usually within 1 hour.

Any other question? drop us a line at

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